The Workshop will be held virtually, on Friday, 17 July 2020.
All times in Vienna timezone (GMT+2).

8:40–9:00AM: Opening remarks

9:00–9:30AM: Invited talk: Xavier Bresson

9:30–10:00AM: Invited talk: Thomas Kipf

10:00–10:30AM: Q&A / Discussions / Coffee 1

10:30–11:30AM: Virtual Poster Session #1

11:30AM–12:00PM: Contributed talks: Novel applications

  • Péter Mernyei and Cătălina Cangea: “Wiki-CS: A Wikipedia-Based Benchmark for Graph Neural Networks”
  • Andrea Scotti, Nima N. Moghadam, Dong Liu, Karl Gafvert and Jinliang Huang: “Graph Neural Networks for Massive MIMO Detection”
  • Hyunwook Kang, Aydar Mynbay, James R. Morrison and Jinkyoo Park: “Embedding a random graph via GNN: Extended mean-field inference theory and RL applications to NP-Hard multi-robot/machine scheduling”

12:00–12:30PM: Updates: PyTorch Geometric (Matthias Fey), Deep Graph Library (Zheng Zhang), Open Graph Benchmark (Jure Leskovec)

12:30–1:30PM: Lunch Break

1:30–2:15PM: Contributed talks: Original research

  • Jiawei Zhang: “Get Rid of Suspended Animation: Deep Diffusive Neural Network for Graph Representation Learning”
  • Vignesh Ram Somnath, Charlotte Bunne, Connor W. Coley, Andreas Krause and Regina Barzilay: “Learning Graph Models for Template-Free Retrosynthesis”
  • Rex Ying, Andrew Z. Wang, Jiaxuan You and Jure Leskovec: “Frequent Subgraph Mining by Walking in Order Embedding Space”

2:15–2:45PM: Invited talk: Kyle Cranmer

2:45–3:15PM: Invited talk: Danai Koutra

3:15–3:45PM: Q&A / Discussions / Coffee 2

3:45–4:15PM: Contributed talks: COVID-19 applications

  • Antonia Gogoglou, Bryan Nguyen, Alan Salimov, Jonathan B. Rider and C. Bayan Bruss: “Navigating the Dynamics of Financial Embeddings over Time”
  • Yushan Liu, Marcel Hildebrandt, Mitchell Joblin, Martin Ringsquandl and Volker Tresp: “Integrating Logical Rules Into Neural Multi-Hop Reasoning for Drug Repurposing”
  • Arijit Sehanobish, Neal Ravindra and David van Dijk: “Gaining insight into SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 severity using self-supervised edge features and Graph Neural Networks”

4:15–4:45PM: Invited talk: Tina Eliassi-Rad

4:45–5:15PM: Invited talk: Raquel Urtasun

5:15–5:45PM: Q&A / Discussions / Coffee 3

5:45–6:45PM: Virtual Poster Session #2

6:45–7:00PM: Closing remarks